Corporate Cup


A community event owned and managed by ACHPER SA! Established in 1981 and operating every year since, the Corporate Cup is a walk/run event that aims to incentivise the community to build health, well-being and camaraderie in their workforce. Now more flexible than ever with the KM Tracker category!

The Corporate Cup is a 16-week running/walking program where participants enter individually or as a team (up to 7 people), participating at one of 3 onsite locations (CBD, Mawson Lakes or Semaphore) or anywhere via the virtual KM Tracker category.


Locations, Categories & Distances

Adelaide CBD - Most Improved or Fastest - 2.2km, 4.5km, 7.2km

Mawson Lakes - Most Improved or Fastest - 2.25km, 4.5km

Semaphore - Virtual Most Improved - 2.25km, 4.5km

Virtual - KM Tracker - Unlimited


Why Enter?

  • Improve your overall fitness, endurance and wellbeing
  • Create camaraderie and/or friendly office competition
  • A great way to break up your day and get out the office
  • Socialise with colleagues while doing something active


Get Involved

Registrations for 2024 will open in May 2024.


For more information, visit the Corporate Cup website.