Year 12 PE Resources

Video to support Stage 2 PE Exam Preparation

ACHPER SA are delighted to release a supportive video recording that has been developed to enhance your final processes for your students SACE stage 2 Physical Education revision in 2019. The video will enhance student understanding of the course and the structure of exam. Information provided has been based on an analysis of past exam papers and patterns that exist year to year. Guiding points, practical examples and reviewing previous exam questions are explored in this 22 minute summary.

An excellent opportunity that offers practical examples and useful tips to share with your students in their final revision processes. This will certainly assist with the final preparations for the PE exam, and aid your planning, as well as support your students.

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Updated ACHPER SA Year 12 PE Resources - for teachers

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These resources have been developed by a range of experienced South Australian Year 12 teachers and will support teachers and students greatly. 

  • USB offer: ACHPER (SA) Trial PE Exam with suggested answers PLUS 2018 SACE Year 12 SACE Examwith suggested answers

Price:$110.00 (member) $130.00 (non-member)

  • Year 12 PE PowerPoints (linked to workbook)

Price: $210 (member) $270 (non-member)

  • Year 12 Physical Education Student Workbook (linked to PowerPoint) 

Price: $40 (per student workbook)

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  • Comprehensive PowerPoints of the entire Year 12 PE Course accompanied by extensive notes
  • Extensive use of data to support concepts and assist students to critically analyse data and information
  • Questions included in easy to follow student workbook which challenge students and reinforce concepts
  • Lots of data included in questions which require analysis, interpretation and application
  • South Australian specific resource including unique case studies with questions and answers

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Year 12 PE Student Exam & Test Revision Guide - for students

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The Year 12 PE Student Exam & Test Revision Guide is available again in 2019. This is the only PE Revision Guide on the market in South Australia for 2019! This resource will support students in writing exam and test answers and feature key tools for comprehending the question, planning responses and understanding marking schemes. The 2019 version will feature exam questions and answers, including student response exemplars - strong and poor responses. This resource has been developed by current experienced year 12 PE teachers. The Year 12 Physical Education Exam and Test Revision Guide is user friendly and includes effective learning strategies and explores key ideas and skills, using feedback from the SACE chief examiner to enhance marks.