Free Member Support Materials and Resources

To thank ACHPER SA members for their support, we have developed free, member only webpages filled with support materials and resources including ready to use units of work, task sheets and lesson plans. Initally designed for online learning during COVID-19, everything can also be used back in the classroom. These pages are divided into resources for Primary and Secondary teachers, and there is a mix of ACHPER SA developed, teacher shared and curated websites which is regularly updated as we come across and develop materials beneficial to you. If you are a member, you can email to receive your access uername and password. We would also love to hear from you if you are willing to share your work with the ACHPER SA community.

There is a variety of resources available from the ACHPER SA office that are targeted at both primary and secondary teachers:

Play with Purpose: For Fundamental Movement Skills Teaching: This resource is a South Australian first that was developed to support educators in planning, delivering and assessing early childhood FMS. This resource has been designed to support educators and enable all students to refine their FMS. Photos, illustrations, and observation checklists are featured to support the development and achievement of these important skills. This resource has been funded by SACPSSA and managed by ACHPER (SA).

Active Children: Ideas for enhancing physical activity in primary schools: This innovative resource is a collection of games - indoor, outdoor, field, target, and court games, and other ideas for physical activity. The games and activities offer diverse and dynamic experiences that will supplement school physical education programs and maximise participation and learning.

Health & PE Teaching and Learning Guides: This resource is suitable for educators and students with an interest in Health & Physical Education. This useful resource features a range of Units of Work, Lesson Plans and Assessment Guides covering all of the South Australian Curriculum and Accountability Bands (SACSA) from Early years to Senior years across Health & PE.

Learning In, Through and About Movement in Secondary Physical Education (E-book now available): This resource sets out to show what a strengths based and inquiry focused physical education program designed to encompass education in, through and about movement looks like. It demonstrates a break from the multi-activity program model framing sport as sport techniques to a program where movement is the stimulus experience for learning. Each of the sections of the resource are mapped to one of the achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum HPE Movement and Participation Strand. Together, the five sections cover the Movement and Participation Strand for Year 9/10. Click here for the order form.

ACHPER (SA) Year 12 PE Resources - updated for 2019

These resources have been updated for 2019 by a range of experienced South Australian Year 12 teachers and will support teachers and students greatly. Click here to order your copy. The revised edition includes exam style Q and A, material on fatigue and imbedded video links. Click here to view sample pages from the Student Workbook and corresponding PowerPoint slides.


  • Comprehensive PowerPoints of the entire Year 12 PE Course accompanied by extensive notes
  • Extensive use of data to support concepts and assist students to critically analyse data and information
  • Questions included in easy to follow student workbook which challenge students and reinforce concepts
  • Lots of data included in questions which require analysis, interpretation and application
  • South Australian specific resource including unique case studies with questions and answers

Pick up and Run Volume 2: Available only in CD-ROM form - ($10.00)
Pick up and Run Volume 3: Available in CD-ROM form ($10.00)
This resource aims to support teachers and schools in their planning of quality learning experiences for their students. the focus of the resource is a collection of games (indoor, outdoor, field, target and court games and other ideas for Physical Activity. They are intended to provide your students with a diverse range of experiences that will supplement your school's physical education program and maximise participation and learning.

Additionally ACHPER National have resources available online - click here for more information.