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An Introduction to Online Learning: Rachel Ford (Primary)

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Rachel Ford is a specialist PE teacher working at RDFZ King's College, Hangzhou, China in the Primary section of the school and is interested in improving online learning in HPE. At the time of the recording, Rachel was entering her 9th week of online teaching. Online teaching took Rachel by surprise - she thought she was planning for the short term, but she was wrong. 

The webinar focuses on the lessons learnt and mistakes she has made. Topics addressed include:

  • Thinking about teaching online for longer than just a few weeks
  • A review of examples of Rachel’s resources  
  • Involving parents and their participation in PE with their children
  • How do you know if your lessons are going well?
  • Dealing with daily changes during the pandemic
  • Getting clear about the big concepts that you are trying to teach and how do you do this online?
  • The positives from teaching online

"Learning from Rachel and her being able to discuss what worked for her and what didn't really has already benefited what I am planning to do." Webinar attendee 2020



An Introduction to Online Learning: Mel Hamada (Years 6-10)

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Mel is originally from Canberra, ACT and has worked in China, Japan, UK, Tanzania, Vietnam and Australia over the past 15 years. She is currently working at the International School of Beijing, which has over 1600 students from Pre-K to G12! Mel returned to Canberra for a holiday just before the COVID-19 pandemic, which has meant she has had to implement online learning from Canberra to her students in Beijing since February. 

Topics to be covered in the webinar include:
Where to start; some practical tips
The challenges of working in an online environment & what Mel has learnt in the past 9 weeks
Long term planning as the impact of COVID-19 Virus lingers
What to do about Assessment & Reporting
Ensuring that we cover all aspects of content
Maintaining the fidelity of our models of practice and pedagogy
Building relationships with and between students 
How to manage your workload and share the workload between faculty members
The opportunities to emphasise:
-    critical thinking
-    student voice
-    self-directed learning and assessment 
A range of resources will be shared to get you started
"Very informative, practical, well presented, clear messages delivered" Webinar attendee 2020

Stage 1 & 2 PE: Practical Ideas in Planning for Curriculum Changes - Sam Kondraciuk, Unley High School

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To assist your understanding and teaching of Stage 1 and 2 Physical Education, this webinar offers practical, supportive tools and ideas to assist your remote teaching in 2020. Unley High School has had experience with online delivery, and we are so thankful Sam was willing to share her learnings and tips. This webinar features an opportunity to briefly understand some of the platforms available to deliver online learning (Zoom, Screencast-o-matic, Google Classroom and Hangouts, Notability) as well as:

Stage 1 PE
- Adapting current units (examples)
- AT1 ideas: Skill acquisition task – activities students can do at home
- AT2 ideas: Working in pairs to develop fitness and training sessions at home - how you can plan, deliver online and reflect on communication and collaboration. Analysing participation and performance in modified sports vs traditional models of the game

Stage 2 PE
- Conversations and ideas around modifications to and assessment of AT1 and AT2, especially communication and collaboration
- How we have modified tasks so that students can engage in physical activity at home
- How we are engaging students and helping them be successful without experiencing the practical. Guiding the process of collecting data, footage, analysing information
- How we are collecting and sharing data without actually participating in team sports

Please note the breakout rooms have been removed from the recording.

"The content organised is always fantastic. Thanks to Matt and everyone at ACHPER SA. Sam did an amazing job!" Webinar attendee 2020


Stay tuned for more webinars.