The Spectrum of Teaching Styles

Quality PE Conference: The Spectrum of Teaching Styles

  • Was held Friday 27th August 2021, 8:45am - 3.30pm

  • Presented by Shane Pill, Kylie Newbold, Scott Hughes, Brendan SueSee, Rick Baldock, Mitch Hewitt & Bradley Graham

  • The Lights Community & Sports Centre

  • Online recordings available soon


Suitable for all teachers; Reception - Year 12.


The Spectrum of Teaching Styles was the first and is now globally the most enduring teaching model for PE. The Spectrum model recognises that all teaching styles can have a place in teaching quality physical education (and in sport coaching). Within The Spectrum of Teaching Styles model, the pedagogical maturity of the teacher (or sport coach) is matching the teaching style to task outcome, the task outcome which is matched to the 'need' of the learner. In this way, the PE teacher (and sport coach) purposefully designs the learning environment from planning (pre-impact) to implementation (impact) to evaluation (post impact). This conference will introduce you to how The Spectrum of Teaching Styles can assist your work as intentional learning designers of educatively purposeful strengths-based PE through the key features of model. Through key insights from invite speakers who are internationally recognised as experts on The Spectrum of Teaching Styles and the masterclass facilitators you will leave the day understanding how knowledge of The Spectrum of Teaching Styles is essential for teaching PE (or sport coaching) for effective learning and how to use that knowledge in your own practice.