Was held: Friday 29 June 2018 (Week 9, Term 2)

Presenters: Mike George, Parafield Gardens High School, Craig Fosdike, St Martin de Porres and Rick Baldock, ACHPER (SA)

Effective Leadership for Health & Physical Education Coordinators - Leadership in a time of Innovation and Change

HPE leaders recognise the importance of preparing their students for the future. As educators we need to provide students with the knowledge, skills and understandings to thrive in the rapidly changing world. Research identifies the need for schools and students to change the way learning occurs.

Leadership is an important part of the process of changing the way that learning occurs. Given that we are in a period of almost constant educational reform and restructuring and where disruption in the norm then the role of HPE and the leadership of this area is critical.

This seminar supported HPE leaders and those aspiring to leadership roles in schools to work more effectively across their schools and Partnerships/Cluster. Participants were provided with opportunities to think strategically about their planning, change management and review processes that can make a positive impact in their school and within their faculty.

Issues covered during this seminar will included:

·         Genuine Leadership:

o    Accountability

o    Authenticity

·         Leading and managing change and innovation

·         Working intergenerationally

·         Auditing your current HPE programs- bring along a copy of your current program for discussion and planning for implementation of the Australian Curriculum

·         Advocating for Health & PE- current issues and challenges

·         Issues and solutions– time to workshop and discuss ideas, thoughts and strategies

·         Effective teaching methodologies that engage and stimulate student learning

·         Whole of school approaches for health and physical activity promotion

·         Tools to support change and effective leadership




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