Early Childhood Seminar

Was held: Monday, 28 May 2018
Venue: St Michael's College, Beverley

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This seminar explored both the theory and practical activities to effectively design learning programs to enhance Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS). Key elements of this professional learning workshop included assessment, moderation, programming & planning.

• The ACARA:HPE curriculum: Essential components of a Quality PE Program
• Two ways of assessing FMS - Continuous Skills, Explosive Skills
• Learning & teaching FMS - Run, Dodge, Vertical Jump - skill elements and classification of skills
• Learning & Teaching FMS - Two handed roll & Two handed ground ball pick up, Underarm throw & Two handed catch, Kicking a ball on the ground & Trapping a kicked ball by foot, Two handed dribble (ball bounce)
• Programming & Learning Design - Choosing the Focus Skills & Identifying Learning intentions
• Integrating FMS into the daily program • Scope and sequence of your program • Teaching FMS - One handed dribble, Overarm throw, Kicking a ball dropped from the hand, Forehand hit, Two handed Strike
• Explicit links will be made to the Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education.

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