Contemporary Models of Practice for Teaching PE


In 2020, ACHPER SA will be running a Quality PE series.


Friday, 1 November 2019 

Wayville Sports Centre

Game Sense & Blending Models of Practice

Presenters: Rick Baldock, Shane Pill & Kylie Newbold

This one-day workshops focused on models of practice that use student centred approaches to support learning in Physical Education. This workshop explored Game Sense as an example of game-based approaches to learning in Physical Education and the blending of models of practice.

Game Sense was developed by Rod Thorpe of Loughborough University and is a uniquely Australian approach to game-based teaching/coaching.  It is now twenty-three years since Nicole den Duyn wrote “Why it makes sense to play games!” in the Spring 1996 Sports Coach magazine and introduced “the Game Sense concept” as “an approach to coaching. This model or practice uses games to develop tactical/ strategic thinking, as well as skill development” (p. 7).

In this final workshop in the series it is timely to bring together the ideas and understandings about Game Sense, TPSR and Sport Education. During this workshop you will learn how to best blend these approaches along with other contemporary influences to inform our teaching of PE and enhance student learning.

To lead this day of professional learning we brought together some of our leading Physical Education teachers in a workshop that is designed to help you experience key aspects of each of the models and provide you with the information to entice you to recognise and improve upon your current practices. Experienced and innovative teachers Kylie Newbold, Parkside Primary School and Assoc Professor Shane Pill, Flinders University, will show you how they blend these approaches conceptually and in practice when they work with students.

Cancellation Policy: Notice of cancellation received more than 48 hours before the event will incur a standard $50 administration processing fee, any registration fees received in addition to this amount will be refunded. For cancellation notice received less than 48 hours before the event, registration fees unfortunately cannot be refunded. 


Session 2 - Sport Education - held 16th August 2019

Session 1 - Teaching Personal & Social Responsibility - held 31st May 2019