Professional Learning

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ACHPER (SA) aims to promote health and physical education in schools and educational settings through the provision of a variety of practical professional learning activities targeted at HPE educators and professionals and HPE students. Provision of these opportunities supports the HPE industry by extending new offerings and methods for delivering and executing theoretical and practical components of Health and Physical education and facilitates networking among industry professionals.

Education and knowledge is the key to developing a healthy lifestyle; ACHPER (SA) wants to help you and invites any ideas from those with an HPE focus to provide us with feedback and suggestions which could improve our offerings as we continually strive to gain innovative ideas which can inspire and motivate the HPE education profession.


Sporting Schools Plus

If your School was fortunate to receive funding through Sporting Schools Plus, ACHPER SA has developed a range of tools and professional learning opportunities to support your whole school physical literacy approach in HPE. ACHPER is an eligible and preferred provider, with a proven track record to deliver support for an effective School Physical Literacy program. ACHPER can address each School Physical Literacy framework component. Click here for more information on programs we can offer.


2020 Professional Learning Dates to look forward to:

Please mark the following dates in your diaries:

Primary Conference - Friday 30 October

PE Week Launch Dinner - Friday 6 November

PE Week - Monday 9-Sunday 15 November

Secondary Conference - Monday 30 November & Tuesday 1 December

We encourage you to lock in these dates for quality professional learning, more information and further sessions will be released throughout the year.

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ACHPER (SA) Consultancy Service

ACHPER (SA) have expanded our consultancy services and we now have many more offerings tailor made for your education site, either Primary or Secondary. Available for individual educators, whole staff and partnership cluster meetings, check out the options that have been extremely well received by many schools and agencies. Funding is often available through local partnership groups to support this work. If your school or cluster is looking for a quality in-service,  contact ACHPER (SA) to discuss. Click here for more information.


ACHPER (SA) successfully ran over 24 professional learning activities in 2019 attracting over 1,200 delegates. We are delighted that all seminars, conferences and workshops feature 100% satisfaction rating from delegates, something we are really proud of. ACHPER has run Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, School consultancies, sessions for early childhood, networking opportunities, leadership seminars, technology in PE sessions and much more.

Please contact the ACHPER (SA) Office if you have any ideas for sessions, seminars or other activities that would support your work.