Position Statements

ACHPER (SA) is a not for profit incorporated association that promotes active and healthy living through programs, services and information for education sites and their communities. ACHPER (SA) provides advocacy and leadership through innovative, quality professional services and programs. ACHPER (SA) is a dynamic and progressive association that supports educators, coaches and individuals through conferences, resources, support and networking opportunities to enhance quality movement experiences.

In early 2017, The ACHPER (SA) Board updated our strategic plan which sets the direction and pillars for ACHPER’s ongoing work promoting active and healthy living.

2017 - 2020 Strategic Priorities

1                     Professional Learning & Programs for educational communities

2                     Engagement

3                     Resource development

4                     Partnership development & Advocacy


Click here for the 2018-19 Infographic. For a full copy of our annual report please email m.schmidt@achpersa.com.au


ACHPER (SA) Position Statements

The ACHPER (SA) Board have worked strategically to develop a number of position statements. Recently in May 2015, ACHPER (SA) released the Position Paper 'External Providers for Schools'. This and other position statements 'The Place of Health & Physical Education in the school curriculum', 'Fitness Testing Policy', 'User Pays-Health & PE' have been developed to advocate ACHPER's views and vision. Members are welcome to review, utilise and disseminate these beliefs. These papers welcome feedback and comments, and will be continually reviewed by the ACHPER (SA) Board.

New position statement - please click on title of statement for full information

ACHPER (SA) Position Paper - External Providers for Schools

Please click on the link below to view ACHPER (SA)'s position statements.

ACHPER (SA) Position Paper - External Providers for Schools
ACHPER (SA) Position Paper - The Place of HPE in the School Curriculum

ACHPER (SA) Position Paper - Fitness Testing Policy
ACHPER (SA) Response - Drug Detection and Screening in Schools

ACHPER (SA) Response to Proposed Future SACE Learning Areas and Subjects
ACHPER (SA) Position Paper - User Pays
ACHPER (SA) Position Paper - Obesity

ACHPER National Position Statements

The Importance of the Health and Physical Education learning area in schools

ACHPER National has developed a Position Statement on 'the Importance of the Health and Physical Education learning area in schools' to assist teachers, parents and caregivers, school principals and administrators, kindred scientific, professional and service organisations to understand and advocate Health and Physical Education curriculum implementation, to enable real change.

Support of the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education

ACHPER National, in its Position Statement 'Support of the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education', advocates for high quality well-resourced professional development opportunities for teachers focused on improving confidence and competence in planning and delivery of HPE curriculum content and knowledge of valid and authentic assessment practices in HPE.