Zac Mills



Zac Mills, ACHPER SA Board Member


Tell us a bit about yourself, your current role/s?

I am currently working at Loxton Lutheran School as a physical education coordinator, while also teaching reception at Loxton Primary School. I am passionate about ensuring students have young male role models to look up to. I am also very passionate about providing students with a high-quality education no matter their background or financial situation.

I am also a big believer that mental health is just as important as physical health. Instilling this from a young age will ensure that students have a strong foundation of well-being. This has led me to do some pro bono work for SA based charity I Am Worthmore.


 How did you get involved with ACHPER- Why is ACHPER important to you?

 When I was in my fourth year at Flinders University I was emailed regarding a conference and I thought it would be a good opportunity to attend a professional development session prior to graduating. After that I attended the next four conferences, including the International Conference in Canberra. Attending these conferences ultimately gave me the connections to get a teaching position, commencing in the year I graduated.


Why should early career teachers get involved with ACHPER?

Through ACHPER’s wonderful member base and conferences, I was able to connect with sports coordinators, health and well-being coordinators and principals. This is ultimately how I secured a job straight out of university as a physical education coordinator. 


Your #1 tip for a quality PE program?

Increasing student engagement is important for a high-quality PE program. Everyone deserves to be involved in physical education and community sport can be expensive for some families. We need to ensure those students have the upmost positive experiences and opportunities within our physical education programs.


Tell us about your forthcoming world record attempt

I am working with I Am Worthmore – a South Australian not for profit organisation doing wonderful things surrounding mental health and well-being. We are aiming to improve wellbeing education for students and also communities to better support each other and eliminate the stigma currently surrounding mental health in Australia.

Together with our sponsors and supporters, our team at I Am Worthmore have decided to attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Mental Health Awareness Lesson”. It will be held at Priceline Stadium at 10am on Tuesday, September 10, in line with World Suicide Prevention Day. We encourage everyone who can make it to join us as we need a minimum of 1500 people to break the record and shine a light on the importance of good mental health. Register here:

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