ACHPER (SA) Honour Board

ACHPER (SA) acknowledge and thank the following people for their dedication and support of ACHPER (SA). We would not be the vibrant organisation we are today, without their enthusiastic efforts.

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Life Members


Albert Simpson 1970 (dec)

Wayne Coonan 1981

Elizabeth Barwell 1971 (dec)

John Halbert 1981

Bert F G Apps 1972 (dec)

Robert Paddick 1981 (dec)

Howard Mutton 1981 (dec)

Dr Graham Dodd 1981

Barry Stanton 1988

Barry Stanton 1981

Dr Graham Dodd 1998

Dr John Daly 1981 (dec)

Norma Jenner 2004 (dec)

John Millar 1981

Rick Baldock 2006

Charles Brooks 1982 (dec)

Russell Brown 2006

Bob Smith 1982

Dr Shane Pill 2013

Dr Basil Hetzel 1982 (dec)

Elizabeth Barwell 1984 (dec)


Albert Simpson 1984 (dec)

Bert F G Apps (National) (dec)

Dr Gary Howat 1989

Howard Mutton (National) (dec)

Rick Baldock 1992

Wayne Coonan

Julie Taylor 1992

Barry Stanton (National)

Norma Jenner 1992 (dec)

John Daly

Jeff Emmel 1994

John Millar

Andrew Miller 1994

Dennis Home

Russell Brown 1994

Rob Chaplain

Jill Grove 2004

Andy Miller

Janet Harper 2004 (dec)

Rod Martin

Carol Sharpe 2005

Iain Benson

George Evreniadis 2005

Jenny McCormick

Shane Pill 2007

Gary Crilley (dec)

Craig Fosdike 2009

Russell Brown

Toby Priest 2012

Rick Baldock


Darren Adamson


Shane Pill (State)


Shane Pill (National)
Mike George