ACHPER (SA) Awards

ACHPER (SA) Wins 2016 APTA Award

ACHPER (SA) were delighted to collect the Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA) National Innovation Award in Sydney on Saturday 4th June 2016 at the APTA Awards Ceremony in Sydney. In conferring the award, the APTA Board noted the outstanding contribution ACHPER (SA) has made to teaching across Australia, and our leadership and innovative approach to supporting teachers. Thank you and congratulations to all of our hard working volunteers, Board and Staff for your diligence and professionalism.

ACHPER (SA) would also like to acknowledge our own Professional Learning Coordinator, Rick Baldock, for winning the APTA Meritorious Contribution to the Profession Award.

Below are the citations for both ACHPER (SA) and Rick Baldock from Saturday's APTA Awards:

Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation SA, ACHPER (SA)

An outstanding attribute of ACHPER (SA) as an innovative association is its highly disciplined approach to all the facets of its organisation, ethos and structure that allows it to have the capacity to be innovative.

In particular it's capacity to engage with its members in the world of social media and through online technologies is a hallmark of ACHPER's innovative capacity. This innovative online capacity not only allows the association to connect well to its existing members but it connects ACHPER (SA) to its newer members, as well as Interstate and Overseas people.

Just as importantly, an innovative social media and technological capacity ensures that the workload is reduced and that communication is more efficient and reaches a variety of places and people. Through modern Governance, accessing contemporary research and practices, through strong connections with members, ACHPER (SA) has provided a wide range of professional activities that inspire, challenge and support educators with their important roles within the Health and Physical Education Learning area.


Rick Baldock (ACHPER (SA) Professional Learning Coordinator)

Rick over the past 45 years has invested way and beyond any person would do either as a volunteer or in a paid position.


What is outstanding is the levels at which Rick has made a contribution, at the committee room meeting, at the association level, state and national.  It is clear that Rick brings advice, knowledge and experience that range from the micro to macro to the operational to the strategic.


Rick is selfless, self-deprecating and always with an eye to an opportunity but also ready to face the challenges. His work in the Council of Education Associations of South Australia (CEASA) cannot be overestimated, particularly in terms of self-sustainability.


Rick's input and advice has been sought due to his standing within the education community.  This standing has included membership of DeakinUniversity's Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research (C-PAN), the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation National Vice President from 2002-2010 and a member of the South Australian Board of Studies Physical Education Advisory Committee for 8 years. Rick was President of the Council of Education Associations of South Australia from 2009 to 2015. He currently serves as the Secretary of the Australian Professional Teachers Association (APTA).

Rick is a role model for others



                                ACHPER (SA) Executive Director Matt Schmidt & Professional Learning
                                                                        Coordinator, Rick Baldock, receiving their awards