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5th International Game Sense Conference 2017

ACHPER (SA) is pleased to release of the 5th International Game Sense Conference program which is available for PDF download (Click here)
The 2017 International Game Sense Conference (3–5 July 2017, Flinders University, Adelaide) is shaping up to be the most important event for leaders in Physical Education and Sport Coaching using the Game Sense approach in the Asia-Pacific region.

There are breakout sessions to suit everybody – from Physical Education teachers, those researching Game Sense to Professional coaches, volunteer coaches, sport managers and government advisors on sport /education pedagogy and policy. In physical education and coaching of sporting activities, games-based approaches to teaching and coaching focus on the designing of games to facilitate player learning. Through modified games and game-like activities coaches/teachers can couple the learning of both technique and strategies. This conference will challenge and support your work as a teacher or coach enabling you and your players to learn and execute technical and tactical skills in creative and practical ways.

With just over 4 weeks to go it is time to register your attendance and select your sessions.

Registrations are now open. Get in quickly as registrations for sessions are limited. For more information and to register Click here.

2017 Professional Learning Dates to look forward to:

Please mark the following dates in your diaries: IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO REGISTER!

· 5th International Game Sense Conference - 3-5 July 2017
· ACHPER (SA) / SACPSSA Primary Conference - 25 September 2017 (Week 10, Term 3)
· Physical Education Week - 13 - 17 November 2017 (Week 5, Term 4)
· ACHPER (SA) Secondary Conference - 4- 5 December 2017 (Week 8, Term 4)

Learning In, Through and About Movement in Secondary Physical Education

This resource sets out to show what a strengths based and inquiry focused physical education program designed to encompass education in, through and about movement looks like. It demonstrates a break from the multi-activity program model framing sport as sport techniques to a program where movement is the stimulus experience for learning. Each of the sections of the resource are mapped to one of the achievement standards of the Australian Curriculum HPE Movement and Participation Strand. Together, the five sections cover the Movement and Participation Strand for Year 9/10. For more information on how to purchase a copy please click here.

Consultancy Service

In 2014, ACHPER (SA) was pleased to announce the launch of a consultancy service for the Education, Sport and Health sectors. ACHPER (SA) has a number of tried and tested professional learning presentations, access to a number of dedicated and enthusiastic presenters and can tailor something for specific site demands. Contact Executive Director Matt Schmidt on m.schmidt@achpersa.com.au for more information. Click here for more information on the services available.

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